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The world is at your feet

Fly where and
when you want

The world is at your feet

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Heli-Jet has well known experience when it comes to the organization and execution of helicopter flights and private jet charters. Do you esteem speed, efficiency and comfort? Heli-Jet takes care of you.

We guarantee an optimized flight schedule which seamlessly fit your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you fly a helicopter or a private jet, Heli-Jet just pleases the needs for your journey.

What could you expect from Heli-Jet?

  • Organization and execution of helicopter- and private jet flights
  • 24/7 available
  • Optimum service

  • Does any of our services interest you? Please contact Heli-Jet for a price indication or discuss your specific needs.

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You can also contact Heli-Jet directly. Send us an email with your request or call us directly.

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