Business trip with a private jet

Business trip with a private jet

Do you have an appointment abroad and you have difficulties to fit it in your schedule? With a private jet you can save a lot of time. No waiting lines at checkin, no waiting lines at the customs and no waiting lines while boarding the plane. Besides that, traveling with a private jet is traveling in style. A sense of luxury and comfort, so you can relax during your trip.

Always close

When traveling with a private jet, you can choose the airport from where your jet leaves. You can choose the airport closest to departure and arrival. You can save a lot of time with avoiding long transfers. We can also make sure there’e a taxi waiting at the airport.

Do you want to make a business trip with a private jet?

If you want to know what the price is for your trip with a jet, you can check the availability form. If you need a quick price, you can call 0031 20 489 40 30. We can tell you in an instant what the possibilities will be.

Contact us

You can also contact Heli-Jet directly. Send us an email with your request or call us directly.