Holiday with a private jet

Holiday with a private jet

You want to start your holiday whiteout being tired from a long trip? Start your holiday with a private jet! Your holiday starts when you enter the jet.

Comfortable travel

It doesn’t matter how large your travel group is, Heli-Jet has acces to the right private jets to accommodate your needs. Traveling with a private jet is a lot more comfortable then traveling with a normal plane. There is always a lot more space for your legs, you don’t have to worry about fellow travelers and there is always luxury catering on board.

No long waiting lines

You probably recognize the long waiting lines at regular flights. Long lines at checkin, lont lines at the customs, long lines when boarding. And you haven’t even had the take-off yet. At arrival all the long waiting starts all over again.

When you travel with a private jet, most of this waiting will be eliminated. You don’t have to arrive hours before take-off. Checking in is just a formality and waiting for your luggage is not necessary.

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